Investing in Nervos Network (CKB): Everything You Need to Know
28 Aug 2023 by Crypto Presale 5 min read
Investing in Nervos Network (CKB): Everything You Need to Know

Over the years, we’ve experienced significant growth in the blockchain ecosystem. One of them is how innovative platforms keep popping up while solving different problems plaguing the blockchain community. An instance of a powerful, innovative platform is the Nervos Network.

Nervos Network is an open-source, decentralized platform created to solve challenges that have hindered growth and expansion within the blockchain industry. This includes interoperability, scalability, and sustainability. Nervos offers developers and users a platform packing all in one place.

In this article, we examined what Nervos Network is, how Nervos Network works, its key features, and why investing in its native token (CKB) is a worthy investment.

What is Nervos Network (CKB)? | Definition of Nervos Network

Nervos Network is no ordinary platform in the blockchain ecosystem. It is a public blockchain platform that has solved some problems in the decentralized community for a long while. As an open-source, secure, and decentralized platform, it is created to solve the problems of interoperability and scalability, thereby creating a sustainable infrastructure for developers and users to create innovative applications for diverse industries.

Nervos Network’s name originated from the body’s nervous system. This platform is renowned for its dual-layered structure, where the first layer, which is the core layer, has the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus protocol and smart custodian. In contrast, the second layer is designed to enhance the performance of transactions taking place on the platform and strict data protection.

Another unique attribute of Nervos Network is how it secures and ensures the stability of the platform’s native token, CKB, while providing an infrastructure for creating dApps.

The core layer’s consensus engine makes it easy for developers to launch applications on the platform. Meanwhile, the second layer is the computational layer, where transactions are processed off the chain. Also, developers can maximize this layer to execute or test various functions embedded within their dApps.

History of Nervos Network (CKB)

The disruptive, innovative features of blockchain technology is why the decentralized ecosystem keeps evolving. This gives birth to several solutions across different industries. However, some challenges have lingered in the blockchain ecosystem, and Nervos Network built a platform to solve those problems.

In 2018, the Nervos Network was launched to solve the blockchain scalability problem that has been a big challenge for layer-1 networks. This is more specific to platforms running on smart contracts. This leads to Nervos building a blockchain platform that meets the enterprise performance needs of blockchain technology.

To bring optimum performance to the decentralized ecosystem, Nervos launched its mainnet in 2019.  This same year, the team put up the platform token (the native token), the CKByte (CKB), for sale. The mainnet is a public blockchain with a unique architectural design that separates its infrastructure into two layers.

The first layer (layer-1) is a single-base layer, the core layer with PoW blockchain, and the second layer (layer-2) is a high-performance one. The base layer is the Nervos Common Knowledge Base (CKB), the general-purpose blockchain with the PoW consensus running Nervos-based applications and other application layers.

The team is constantly working on creating a platform with an arsenal of protocols that offers scalability and infrastructure crucial for supporting applications. The CKB token is the native token of the platform used to incentivize miners and present token holders with a portion of storage space on the blockchain. Likewise, users who put their tokens in the DAO receive rewards for their deposits or yields.

Features of Nervos Network (CKB)

  • Interoperability

One of the significant features of the Nervos Network is its interoperability feature. This feature makes connecting through different blockchain networks easy and easily transfers assets and data across chains. As a result, developers and users are afforded the ability to maximize the best features of various platforms. This increases the rate of innovation and collaboration within the industry.

  • Scalability

One unique way the Nervos Network ensures sustainable scalability on its platform is by using a special consensus algorithm known as the NervosDAO. This brings together the PoW protocol and a unique crypto-economic model to establish the decentralization and security of the platform. Meanwhile, this enables the platform to grow sustainably while evolving due to the demands of developers and users, which change with time.

  • Sustainability and Developer-friendly

The platform uses a distinct crypto-economic model to ensure the continuous establishment of a sustainable environment for application development. This ensures that the platform distributes resources evenly while securing and scaling the network. Likewise, the NervosDAO has an inbuilt mechanism that prevents token dilution on the platform, preserving CKB’s value.

Meanwhile, the platform is built to allow developers to build applications on the platform without integrating third-party languages, tools, or frameworks. The platform supports popular programming languages, tools, and frameworks. Thus, developers can build solution-driven apps without needing new skills.

Where to Buy Nervos Network (CKB)

Nervos Network's uniqueness in making it easy to develop and utilize decentralized apps (dApps) while ensuring that data is shared between layers (interoperability) makes it a great attraction point for investors and crypto enthusiasts to rush to the CKB token.

Thus, you can purchase Nervos Network (CKB) from top crypto exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, Exchange, KuCoin,, and others. Likewise, you can also use the CoinMarketCap platform or mobile app to keep track of CKB’s price.

Should You Buy Nervos Network (CKB)?

When you have yet to decide whether to invest in Nervos Network (CKB), you should consider the solution it brings to the blockchain space. This applies to all cryptocurrencies you want to invest in. CKB is a good investment because of the innovative utility its platform is built around.

The Nervos Network is built to solve lingering problems in the blockchain ecosystem. First is the problem of interoperability, and the next is scalability. These two problems are common shortcomings for blockchain networks.

But Nervos Network ensures users can run other blockchains’ programs on its platform through its outstanding layered solution. Meanwhile, the platform runs on the PoW protocol, granting it robust security.

As a result, the CKB token is positioned to have extensive utility, leading to increasing values as adoption rises over time. This is because the Nervos Network ecosystem will evolve as developers build groundbreaking dApps while increasing blockchain adoption. This also leads to an increase in how blockchain technology is accessible to consumers.

Thus, buying CKB might be a good investment positioning token holders for optimum profits in the future. 

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