AVAX Price Prediction: Can It Surpass $100 Again?
25 Jan 2024 by Syed Asad 7 min read
AVAX Price Prediction: Can It Surpass $100 Again?

AVAX price prediction is on everyone’s mind nowadays, and understandably so. 

AVAX has caused, dare I say, quite an avalanche in the crypto world. Its distinctive three-blockchain structure and rapid transaction speeds have propelled it into the spotlight as one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies. 

With this in mind, many now wonder what the future holds for this crypto currency, such as whether its price will maintain its ascent to $100 once again, or whether it will encounter some fluctuations along the way. We shed light on these questions below. 


AVAX Price Prediction

- Avalanche Price Prediction 2025

- Avalanche Price Prediction 2026

- Avalanche Price Prediction 2027

- Avalanche Price Prediction 2028

Avalanche Price Correlations

Historical AVAX Price Review

AVAX Price PredictionFinal Thoughts

AVAX Price Prediction - FAQ

AVAX Price Prediction

Let’s take a look at some of the price predictions being made as of January 25, 2024. 

Please remember that price predictions for crypto often end up being inaccurate due to the unavoidable volatility of the market. 

Long term forecasts are made using algorithms, which means they can change any moment. As per CoinCodex's latest forecast, Avalanche is expected to experience a slight decrease of -0.56%, reaching approximately $30.86 by January 30, 2024. However, considering its past performance, their 50-Day SMA predicts a nice bump to $36.63. 

The present sentiment, as indicated by technical indicators, is categorised as Neutral, while the Fear & Greed Index stands at 52, signalling a neutral market sentiment. Over the past 30 days, Avalanche has seen 12 out of 30 days with positive price movements, accounting for a 40% success rate and demonstrating a 10.20% price volatility. In light of these projections, now might be a good time to get your hands on AVAX.


Yearly Low Prediction

Yearly High Prediction


$ 28.68

$ 213.87


$ 81.47

$ 207.55


$ 61.56

$ 97.88


$ 66.15

$ 152.98

Let’s take a look at potential price movements of AVAX for each year, considering both the lower and upper price targets.

Avalanche Price Prediction 2025

The projected price range for Avalanche in 2025 spans from a low of $28.68 to a high of $213.87. Considering the current price of $30.47, this implies a potential gain of 604.27% if AVAX reaches the upper price target. On the other hand, if AVAX were to hit the yearly low of $28.68, it would represent a modest decrease of approximately 5.89% from the current price.

Avalanche Price Prediction 2026

For the year 2026, AVAX's price is estimated to fluctuate between $81.47 (low) and $207.55 (high). Compared to the present price of $30.47, reaching the low target would result in a substantial increase of approximately 166.52%. If AVAX achieves the higher end of the spectrum at $207.55, the potential gain from the current price would be a significant 580.02%.

Avalanche Price Prediction 2027

In 2027, the predicted price range for AVAX is $61.56 (low) to $97.88 (high). Relative to the current price of $30.47, reaching the low target would signify an increase of approximately 101.36%. Meanwhile, reaching the high target at $97.88 would imply a notable gain of around 220.44%.

Avalanche Price Prediction 2028

For 2028, AVAX's projected price fluctuates between $66.15 (low) and $152.98 (high). If AVAX attains the low end of $66.15, it would represent an increase of about 117.38% from the current price. On the other hand, reaching the high end at $152.98 would indicate a substantial gain of approximately 402.51%.

Avalanche Price Correlations

"Avalanche Correlation" tells us how the price of Avalanche (AVAX) is related to the prices of other cryptocurrencies. Positive correlation means that when Avalanche goes up, other specified cryptocurrencies are likely to go up as well. Negative correlation means that when Avalanche goes up, other specified cryptocurrencies are likely to go down. Let's take a look at each. 

  1. Positive Correlation

Over the past 7 days, Avalanche showed strong positive correlations with cryptocurrencies like Solana (SOL), VeChain (VET), Polkadot (DOT), Arbitrum (ARB), and Bonk (BONK). This means that when the price of Avalanche went up, the prices of these cryptocurrencies tended to go up as well.

  1. Negative Correlation

Conversely, Avalanche had negative correlations with cryptocurrencies like Siacoin (SC), UNUS SED LEO (LEO), Ronin (RON), Frax Share (FXS), and Axelar (AXL). In this case, when Avalanche's price increased, the prices of these cryptocurrencies tended to decrease.

  1. Market Cap Correlation

Avalanche is positively correlated with the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap (excluding Tether USD) and also positively correlated with the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap (excluding stablecoins). This means that its price tends to move in a similar direction to the overall market trends.

Historical AVAX Price Review

Let's take a look now at the historical data and performance of AVAX. 

AVAX Beginnings and Performance in 2020

In 2020, AVAX emerged into the cryptocurrency scene with a modest start. Beginning the year at $3.15 in January, AVAX demonstrated gradual growth throughout the year, closing at $13.16 in December. This upward trajectory reflected the early stages of market recognition for AVAX, indicating a positive sentiment among investors. 

While the price increase was relatively moderate, it set the foundation for AVAX to establish itself as a player in the cryptocurrency space.

AVAX Consolidation and Performance in 2021

The year 2021 marked a transformative period for AVAX. Starting the year at $13.52 in January, AVAX experienced significant volatility and price fluctuations. 

The cryptocurrency reached an all-time high of $146.22 in November, showcasing a remarkable surge in value. This peak was accompanied by heightened interest and attention, positioning AVAX as a notable contender in the cryptocurrency market. 

The closing price for December was $120.34, reflecting a substantial increase compared to the beginning of the year. The year 2021 solidified AVAX's presence and highlighted its potential for substantial gains.

AVAX's Volatility and Growth in 2022

The year 2022 brought both challenges and opportunities for AVAX. Despite starting the year at $69.99 in January, AVAX faced notable price fluctuations throughout the year. The cryptocurrency reached its highest point at $97.12 in April but experienced a subsequent decrease. 

The closing price for December was $10.90, representing a decrease from the peak but still reflecting a significant gain from the beginning of the year. The volatility observed in 2022 indicated the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market and the need for investors to navigate fluctuating trends.

AVAX's Resilience and Growth in 2023

In 2023, AVAX showcased resilience and continued growth. Starting the year at $19.84 in January, AVAX demonstrated consistent positive momentum. The cryptocurrency experienced notable increases in March and April, reaching a closing price of $38.54 in December. 

This indicated sustained interest and confidence in AVAX among investors with companies like AliBaba Cloud entering the metaverse on Avalanche. The year 2023 highlighted AVAX's ability to easily navigate complex market dynamics, show positive performance, and position itself as a promising asset within the industry.

AVAX Price Prediction - Final Thoughts

That’s about it. We hope our exploration of AVAX's future projections considering the historical performance offers some insights for AVAX enthusiasts. 

The price predictions spanning from 2025 to 2028, and the current Fear & Greed Index rating of 52, paint a promising picture, suggesting considerable growth potential in the years to come. 

Additionally, some market analysts are even predicting AVAX to reach $1000 in the next few years. Fingers crossed! 

AVAX Price Prediction - FAQ

What is the projected worth of AVAX in 2025?

The projected price range for AVAX in 2025 varies from a low of $28.68 to a high of $213.87, depending on prevailing market trends.

Can AVAX surpass $100 again?

Certainly, Avalanche has demonstrated substantial dominance in the DeFi industry, surpassing $100 in the past. Given its track record, numerous industry experts predict AVAX to breach the $100 mark by 2027.

What is the all-time highest price of AVAX?

The all-time highest price of AVAX was $144.96, recorded on November 21, 2021.

Does AVAX have a promising future?

Yes, all trends and market analyses, including technical indicators, paint a bright and optimistic picture of AVAX's future prospects. With a Fear & Greed Index at 52, AVAX does seem to enjoy investor confidence. 

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