PAAL: Where Crypto Meets Deployable AI Tools
6 Oct 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 2 min read
PAAL: Where Crypto Meets Deployable AI Tools

As discussed in a previous article of ours, crypto and artificial intelligence (AI) undeniably have the potential to go hand-in-hand with one another. 

Further, as the two relatively nascent areas of technology continue their unparalleled trajectories into mainstream adoption, more and more projects that sit at the intersection of both are naturally being conceived…

Here, the latest to catch our eye is PAAL, a community-focused AI project that features crypto integrations through its service offerings and community reward system. 

Before we dive into what PAAL actually is, it’s important to note that Crypto Presale isn’t affiliated with the project in any sense, and that our interest in it solely stems from our admiration for its service offerings and the engaged community it’s fostered. 

What is PAAL AI

PAAL is a robust (and robot-inspired) ecosystem that leverages AI and machine learning technologies to allow users to create AI tools that can be deployed across a range of platforms (such as Discord or Telegram for example). 

PAAL comes with its native $PAAL token. Here, holders and stakers of such token are eligible to receive revenue shares and other types of rewards through their commitment to the project. These include a split of 1% of all $PAAL trading volume, AI tool subscriptions, service revenue shares, 25% referral rewards, and airdrops from partner projects. 

To facilitate this, the project’s 1 billion total supply of Ethereum-residing $PAAL comes with a 4% tax fee for all buyers and sellers (with a portion of such funds then being distributed to $PAAL stakers, marketing endeavours, buybacks & burns, and project development).

In total, over half of the project’s revenue is shared to stakers, further garnering a sense of togetherness and incentivising stability across the PAAL ecosystem. 

PAAL AI tools come in three category types; MyPaal, AutoPaal, and AutoPaal X. Per the following image, these are what features each subscription package offers:


As is evident, the MyPaal option is the most crypto-focused of them all, as per the words of the company itself, its ability to answer community questions, summarise chats, and determine market sentiment essentially makes it a ’24/7 community manager who never sleeps’. Further, this is all backed-up via support from data protocols such as Google Cloud. 

In turn, each of PAAL’s AI tools can manifest as personalised chatbots or multimodal AI beings that are deployable across various service, data, and crypto-related platforms. Through harnessing the continuous learning powers of AI and machine learning, these AI tools can ultimately comprehend and carry out tasks that would ‘otherwise require human intelligence’. 

So as a final reminder, with both crypto and AI innovations continuously influencing how tech thought leaders envision future living, PAAL and its native $PAAL (which is currently trading for around $0.02) are most certainly projects to keep tabs on.

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