Poppin’ Projects: AIMBOT (The Only AI Crypto Investors Need?)
10 Nov 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 3 min read
Poppin’ Projects: AIMBOT (The Only AI Crypto Investors Need?)

As explored numerous times here on Crypto Presale, crypto and artificial intelligence (AI) can often go hand in hand.

Further, our latest exploration of this revolutionary technological intersection comes by way of our latest Poppin’ Projects edition, which focuses on AI-trading platform AIMBOT ($AIMBOT). 

Once again, it’s important to preface that we’re in no way affiliated with the project, and that the following coverage solely stems from our bullishness for it (however always do your own research before making investments).

What is AIMBOT 

AIMBOT is an AI-come-crypto project with a namesake native cryptocurrency.

It’s essentially an autonomous, blockchain-residing ecosystem that’s designed to automatically select and invest in the best tokens by scraping the blockchain in real time (based on various parameters). 

Once trading profits are generated from community investments, they are then periodically shared among $AIMBOT holders.

Through such system, crypto traders are said to be able to swap ‘guessed’ and aimless investments with AI-driven decisions that epitomise real-time efficiency.

How AIMBOT Works  

Per the project’s website, AIMBOT is:

‘An autonomous sniper that scrapes the blockchain in real-time and picks the best launches to invest in’.

To do so, ‘AIMBOT scans every single block on the blockchain in real-time and feeds its CTB Gauge (Conscious Trading Brain) with information about every new token appearing for the first time. From there, it makes trading decisions based on the CTB’. 

In true AI fashion, AIMBOT is able to learn from its past trades - be it good or bad - to make more informed decisions moving forwards. This is done via its pattern recognition system that’s able to store knowledge called the ‘Conscious Layer’. 

Through such knowledge acquisition, AIMBOT then utilises its ‘Brain Layer’ to scope-out market conditions. Here, data metrics such as gas prices and buying pressure are measured in real-time.

And finally, AIMBOT’s ‘Trading Layer’ is the system to execute trades once the ‘Conscious’ and ‘Brain’ Layers have done their jobs. Here, it will ‘buy and sell based on a defined strategy, then share the profit among AIMBOT holders’. 

All of these services work around the clock 24/7 and are only executed once conditions are met. They’re also rug pull averse and always bullish towards new tokens that are still in their first two blocks of sales. 

All that’s needed to join the AIMBOT ecosystem is ownership of the project’s native $AIMBOT token, with individual reward shares (distributed in Ethereum (ETH)) being calculated in accordance with each holder’s balance (in proportion to the total supply). 

AIMBOT - Market Presence & Tokenomics 

In terms of its market presence, AIMBOT is ranked #2660, with a market capitalisation of approximately $9.87 million (per CoinMarketCap). 

The total supply of the token is capped at 1 million, which is also the number of tokens currently circulating. As of recent data, the price of AIMBOT has often varied between $7.30 to $9.62, however as of the time of writing, its price is $10.20.

Below is a more-in depth breakdown of the project’s tokenomics. 

And for those interested in what AIMBOT has to offer moving forwards, check out its Roadmap and ‘Features List’:

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This article is intended for educational purposes and is not financial advice.