5 Cases of Crypto Billionaires Dying
15 Dec 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 5 min read
5 Cases of Crypto Billionaires Dying

Although an odd topic, we thought your morbid curiosity might want to know about cases of crypto billionaires dying.

With respect to each and every person mentioned, this article reports on five instances of the space’s wealthiest individuals mysteriously perishing. 

Fernando Pérez Algaba

Fernando Pérez Algaba was an Argentinian entrepreneur that shot into crypto influencer stardom after reaching whale status. 

Along with his mass sums of crypto wealth, Algaba flaunted his financial might by flooding his Instagram page - which he had 916,000 followers on - with exotic vehicles and premium watches. 

When it comes to his unfortunate fate, Algaba’s body was discovered by children near a stream on July 23, 2023. Dauntingly, his remains were packed inside of a suitcase, meaning cold blooded murder was quite-likely the cause of death. Upon further investigations, it then appeared that the culprit(s) - not to be identified yet - were probably involved in any one of Algaba’s ongoing troubles - be it debt and taxation woes, fraud schemes, concerning affiliations, or personal vendettas. 

Nikolai Mushegian

Nikolai Mushegian was the distinguished creator behind stablecoin DAI, and was also the co-founder of its affiliated crypto lending platform MakerDAO

Before his untimely death in October 2022, the crypto pioneer made a series of unsettling tweets that referred to his foreknowledge of threats against his life - which he blamed on the CIA, Mossad (an Israeli intelligence agency), and ‘the pedo elite’.

Hours after making such tweet, Mushegian was found lifeless as his body drifted off the coast of Puerto Rico…

Although newspapers were quick to describe him as ‘paranoid,’ the crypto scene wasn’t fooled by such a narrative. This is because with Mushegian’s die-hard approach to battling corruption and influence - something that had helped him garner a huge crypto-native following - this made him a prime target of those illicitly pulling the TradFi strings. 

Javier Biosca

Javier Biosca was a Spanish entrepreneur and reported swindler that killed himself in November 2022.

More specifically, Biosca’s final fate was a 5-floor plummet off of his hotel balcony in Estepona, Spain. Here, it’s speculated that such act was a case of retribution for his dealings - be it voluntary or involuntary - as the crypto millionaire had reportedly rose to success through the various crypto scams of his London-based Algorithms Group.

Dr. John Forsyth

Dr. John Forsyth was a US-based emergency doctor that simultaneously rose to crypto prominence through his empowering blockchain-based earnings platform ONFO. 

Contrary to his unwavering commitment to hard work - which helped him secure a Forbes Magazine profile in 2020 - Forsyth didn’t show up to work one day in May 2023. 

After being officially marked as ‘missing,’ his body was found 9 days later in an Arkansas lake. Here, a gunshot wound to his head was found, however to this day, no one knows who pulled the trigger. 

Park Mo

Park Mo was a prominent South Korean crypto figure, as he not only served as the Vice President of crypto innovator Vidente, but he was also the majority shareholder of Bithumb, a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the country.

With speculation of engaging in embezzlement and stock manipulation, Mo had painted a complex portrait of financial criminality for himself. Such reality then came into the spotlight as his body was found outside his residence in the early hours of December 30th 2022 - however the culprit still remains unidentified to this day. 

More Unfortunate Cases 

Unfortunately, the likes of Algaba, Mushegian, Biosca, Forsyth, and Mo aren’t the only crypto billionaires to mysteriously die in recent years, as here are 7 more tragic cases.

Matthew Mellon (April 2018): Died of a heart attack in Mexico, induced by consuming ayahuasca.

Gerald Cotten (December 2018): Passed away in India due to complications of Crohn’s disease, surrounded by mystery and controversy.

Mircea Popescu (June 2021): Drowned while swimming off the coast of Costa Rica (suspiciously similar to Nikolai Mushegian).

Vyacheslav Taran (November 2022): Perished in a helicopter crash en route from Switzerland to Monaco.

Tiantian Kullander (November 2022): Co-founder of Amber Group, passed away unexpectedly in his sleep.

Bob Lee (April 2023): Founder of CashApp, met an untimely demise under mysterious circumstances.

Yevgeny Prigozhin (August 2023): Passed away in a private plane crash near Moscow under dubious circumstances, allegedly linked to a significant Bitcoin wallet.

Crypto Billionaires Dying - A Pause For Thought 

Given the mysterious circumstances that surround the deaths of numerous crypto billionaires and millionaires, a plethora of conspiracy theories have emerged.

Some adopt a practical perspective, suggesting that jealousy-fuelled rivals or admirers - all of whom witnessed ostentatious displays of DeFi wealth -  may have orchestrated these untimely demises. 

Conversely, a faction believes that certain deaths could be attributed to the machinations of secret services or organised crime groups - as for example, events such as helicopter crashes or drownings can be manipulated with ease by those highest up. 

The frequency and magnitude of these deaths, particularly within the crypto community and industry, have raised concerns. While some dismiss the pattern as mere coincidence - chalking it up to the volatile nature of the crypto market and the impact that it can have on those involved - others discern unsettling trends. Intuitively, this is because with involvement from central banking entities, many of the crypto billionaires dying episodes were likely direct threats to the very fabric of today’s corrupt TradFi system.

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