How Much Did Tom Brady Lose in Crypto?
6 Dec 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 0 min read
How Much Did Tom Brady Lose in Crypto?

Celebrities, crypto, and NFTs are often heavily linked, especially during hot bull market periods. And whilst many don’t hesitate to post their wins, there’s undoubtedly been a whole host of A-list DeFi losses… which is why this article will explore the answer to; how much did Tom Brady lose in crypto? 

In true MVP fashion, Brady’s foray into the cryptosphere came via the company ambassador agreement he penned with now-defunct crypto exchange FTX back in 2021. In return for his work pitching the company in TV ads and at conferences, Brady received $30 million worth of FTX stock. Additionally, his then-wife Gisele Bundchen received $18 million worth of stock. 

As we all know, FTX fell to its knees in Q4 2022, in wake of its sleazy founder Sam Bankman-Fried being charged (and further convicted one year later) of numerous fraud and money laundering conspiracies. In turn, this meant that Brady’s and Bundchen’s collective $48 million worth of FTX stocks fell to zero. 

So…How Much Did Tom Brady Lose in Crypto?

The extent of Tom Brady’s crypto losses depends on how you view the situation. This is because the quarterback didn’t necessarily invest money to receive his $30 million worth of FTX stocks, as instead it was the reward of his marketing efforts for the company. 

Put simply, it’s correct to think that Brady lost $30 million due to his ‘once $30 million-valued’ shares plummeting to zero. Alternatively, you can also say that Brady’s crypto losses are simply the opportunity cost he encountered whilst serving as an FTX ambassador (i.e. how much money could he have earned if he spent such time doing something else). In turn, this means that this second loss amount remains ambiguous. 

In addition to losses felt through a damaged reputation - which arose through his association with the fraudulent FTX crypto exchange - Brady and Bundchen have also felt losses through being sued by FTX investors who want to be repaid by the platform’s cohort of celebrity endorsers (which also includes basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal, Larry David, tennis player Naomi Osaka, and Stephen Curry). Per the lawsuit, Brady and co are being sued on the grounds of not performing any due diligence prior to publicly marketing FTX and its products. 

Whilst a $48 million reduction in wealth would be catastrophic for most, it’s fair to assume that Brady - ranked No. 50 on Forbes' 2023 list of the world's highest-paid athletes with earnings of $45.2 million - will find refuge in his whopping $300 million net worth (per Celebrity Net Worth). 

Does Tom Brady Own NFTs?

In joining a long list of other A-listers to join the non-fungible movement, Tom Brady launched his ‘Signature Experiences’ NFT collection via his co-founded Web3 platform Autograph back in September 2022. 

Comprised of 2,500 assets, the ‘Signature Experiences’ NFT collection was essentially a seven month program that allowed fans to purchase dynamic Tom Brady NFTs which each served as a digital ticket into virtual and physical experiences throughout the NFL season. 

Each week, the NFTs were updated based on the results of Brady's performance after every Tampa Bay game, with owners receiving ‘milestone’ NFTs every time he broke a record or made a mind-blowing play. 

As for Autograph, the platform launched with the aim of helping celebrities sell NFTs to their fans. In 2021 the firm raised $170 million in Series B funding, however more recently it shifted its focus towards the broader goal of helping celebs foster more loyalty with their fans. 

With this in mind, whilst the answer to ‘how much did Tom Brady lose in crypto’ might be hefty, the GOATED quarterback still has a firm foothold in the Web3 space. 

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