The 5 Best Crypto Podcasts (Supercharge Your DeFi Education)
26 Oct 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 6 min read
The 5 Best Crypto Podcasts (Supercharge Your DeFi Education)

As is the nature of fast-paced modern living, sitting down to read an informative crypto article is not always possible. Thankfully however, the medium of podcasts has come to grace the digital age in recent years, with this article taking you through the 5 best crypto podcasts currently available on popular streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music etc.).  

As each and every podcast comes with its own unique semblance of personnel, focuses, structure, humour, in-jokes, and more, our list comes in no particular order…

As instead, it aims to provide you with a holistic set of value-laden audio resources that are bound to satisfy all of your DeFi interests.

…and just for added clarification, the recently-founded ‘Crypto Podcast’ of controversial Web3 figure Ben ‘BitBoy’ Armstrong isn’t featured. 


The 5 Best Crypto Podcasts (A List in No Particular Order)

Unchained - For Holistic Crypto Education 

What Bitcoin Did - For the Bitcoin Maxis

The Defiant - For All that Web3 Has to Offer 

Bankless - For Going ‘Bank-less’ Via DeFi 

The Pomp Podcast - For Extensive Finance Knowledge 

Unchained - For Holistic Crypto Education 

Formerly known as ‘Unconfirmed,’ the ‘Unchained’ podcast is hosted by Laura Shin, a former Forbes editor and the first mainstream media journalist to dive into the world of crypto full-time. 

Ranging from 5 minutes to over an hour long, the podcast offers both instantly-digestible alpha, as well as longer-form insights that require more nuanced and in-depth discussions. 

To provide the scoop on different crypto topics, Shin hosts conversations with guests from all across the DeFi, whilst also mediating discussions between various industry experts (meaning never is only one rhetoric being pushed). 

Additionally, Shin’s strong reputation across the cryptosphere, finance, and wider journalism means that she’s always able to attract A-list guests. 

When it comes to the actual topics discussed on ‘Unchained’, these come from all corners of crypto and Web3, therefore meaning that the podcast is ideal for those curious about each and every DeFi matter, as well as those wanting to gain a broad understanding over what’s going on.

What Bitcoin Did - For the Bitcoin Maxis

As the name suggests, the ‘What Bitcoin Did’ podcast centres around the OG of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin.

Hosted by Peter McCormick - a self-proclaimed ‘non-tech wizard’ (albeit undeniable Bitcoin expert) - the podcast touches on everything that you can imagine when it comes to Bitcoin - be it price predictions, country-wide and trivial use cases, regulation updates, Spot Bitcoin ETF, and more. 

Episodes are often uploaded every 2-5 days, and are almost always over 1 hour long. This means that the show is perhaps best-suited for those interested in the more niche and nuanced areas of Bitcoin antics. 

Given Bitcoin’s natural association with macroeconomics and finance regulations, the show also discusses talking points that reside on the intersection between TradFi and DeFi. Additionally, Bitcoin’s unwavered influence on the crypto space at large means that its sentiments are also relevant to many other DeFi matters. 

And similar to that of Laura Shin, McCormick’s self-built strong reputation across the Bitcoin space means that he’s able to pull-in a range of headline-hitting guests, such as Bitcoin Magazine’s editor-in-chief Aaron Van Wirdum, and El Salvador President Nayib Bukele. 

The Defiant - For All that Web3 Has to Offer 

‘The Defiant’ is hosted by Camila Russo, an ex-Bloomberg reporter and author of infamous Ethereum book ‘The Infinite Machine’.

Almost every ‘The Defiant’ episode is centred around a discussion with a figure/exec from Web3 (including topics such as NFTs, blockchain gaming, and more), further meaning that never is a blockchain stone ever left unturned.

Through discussions with CEOs and co-founders, ‘The Defiant’ also entails talks that are focused on rather niche and unique Web3 use cases… straight from the perspectives of those pioneering them. 

With most of the podcast’s episodes being 40 minutes or longer - which are roughly uploaded every 3-7 days - ‘The Defiant’ is perhaps best for those able to invest considerable time into their Web3 education

Bankless - For Going ‘Bank-less’ Via DeFi

Hosted by crypto advocates, entrepreneurs, investors, and writers Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, the ‘Bankless’ podcast comes as part of its namesake multimedia crypto empire (which even includes its own DAO). 

As its name suggests, the podcast’s hour-long episodes - which are published almost every two days - aim to provide listeners with the DeFi knowledge required for going ‘bank-less’. With this rather clear ethos in mind, the podcast is designed for listeners that are serious about pivoting their finances away from traditional means and towards those of the blockchain accord.

To help bolster the alpha and insight they provide, Adams and Hoffman are also partial to a DeFi guest or two - where for example, Ethereum co-founder and crypto royalty Vitalik Buterin has made several appearances on the podcast.  

The Pomp Podcast - For Extensive Finance Knowledge 

‘The Pomp Podcast’ is hosted by Anthony Pompliano - where per its description, ‘Pompliano talks to the most interesting people in business, finance, and Bitcoin. From billionaires to cultural icons, Pomp helps you get smarter every day’. 

Given that Pompliano is an entrepreneur, tech investor, and co-founder of multi-billion dollar asset manager Morgan & Creek Digital Assets, his podcast is by no means exclusive to crypto, as instead it touches on the many topics that sit at the intersections between finance, tech, economics, and entrepreneurship. 

Further, given the respective roles in which these financial areas play when it comes to crypto matters, ‘The Pomp Podcast’ serves as the perfect complementary resource to any of the other - more DeFi-exclusive - podcasts mentioned in this list. 

When it comes to the length of ‘The Pomp Podcast’ episodes, they often vary from 10 minutes to over an hour long - therefore meaning that it’s suitable for both ‘short and long attention spanners’. And with regards to its scheduling, episodes are pumped-out on an almost daily basis (making it the most frequently-published podcast on the list).   

And if you like what ‘Pomp’ has to offer, he’s also in ownership of some of the most influential crypto YouTube and Twitter accounts out there. 

The 5 Best Crypto Podcasts - Non-Crypto Native Podcasts

Of course, DeFi discussions aren’t strictly exclusive to crypto-centric podcasts, as in practice, almost any podcast that’s interested in societal and forwards-thinking areas of discourse has the propensity to bring-up blockchain matters. 

Whilst the likes of the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ or the ‘PBD Podcast’ may come to mind here, the most proficient way of finding specific crypto-centric podcast episodes is to have a topic in mind (that you can therefore search).

For example, this could be a crypto talking point that may be included in a podcast title, or more simply, the name of a crypto figure (where for example, Joe Rogan has hosted Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) co-founder Marc Andreessen multiple times). 

Another podcast recommendation of this accord is ‘The Lex Fridman Podcast’ - which is typically a one-on-one discussion with a tech or science pioneer (hosted by its namesake MIT computer and research scientist Lex Fridman). 

At Crypto Presale, we know more than anyone that knowledge is king. With this in mind, we hope that our list of the 5 best crypto podcasts will be of massive value to your DeFi education and entertainment experiences.

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