“He Stole My Lambo!”: Crypto Influencer ‘BitBoy’ Ben Armstrong Arrested
27 Sep 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 2 min read
“He Stole My Lambo!”: Crypto Influencer ‘BitBoy’ Ben Armstrong Arrested

In one of the most bizarre crypto influencer altercations to date, Ben Armstrong (a.k.a. BitBoy_Crypto) was arrested yesterday after visiting the home of his begrudged former business partner Carlos Diaz. 

Before embarking on his adventure to Diaz’ abode, Armstrong hyped-up his barney antics by making a post on X (Twitter) which stated that he was “going live soon from a very special location.”

On arrival he then went live on X, wherein he then claimed that Diaz stole his ‘lambo’ and threatened to kill him. We could use some quotes from the incident, however we figured it’s best you watch some of it for yourself:

After 19 minutes of ranting and raving, the police finally arrived. Amidst being arrested for his odd and passively-aggressive behaviour, Armstrong told the officers that he had a firearm in the backseat of his vehicle.  

Further, after being very reluctant to answer questions regarding who else was in his car - and after taking several glances at his now-prone phone to see it was still recording - Armstrong finally revealed that it was a person called ‘Cassie’ - i.e. the women he alleged cheated on his wife with (however ‘it’s ok’ because his wife apparently knew about their whereabouts).  

Per an online record from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department website, ‘Benjamin Charles Armstrong’ was officially arrested for ‘loitering/prowling,’ as well as for ‘simple assault by placing another in fear’. In turn, he has been given a bond amount of $2,600.

Source https://www.gwinnettcountysheriff.com/smartwebclient/

Diaz- who Armstrong also alleges has links to the Houston mafia - has since acknowledged the incident on his own social media. 

Although unconfirmed, it’s thought that the feud comes after the Diaz-associated Hit Network cut ties with Armstrong’s ‘BitBoy Crypto’ brand. Here, issues surrounding substance abuse and financial damage to employees were referenced as the rationale behind the decision. 

Although we don’t want to be too hasty with our thoughts around the incident, it’s safe to say that Armstrong’s reckless antics don’t come as much surprise. This is because the crypto millionaire has been involved in countless online dramas over the course of his influencer career, which many would say is down to his erratic behaviour and questionable decision-making abilities (just look at this YouTube search of him for example…). 

With all actions having an equal and opposite reaction, Armstrong’s BEN ($BEN) token has since plunged 30% in wake of the news sweeping across the crypto space. 

If you really want, you can watch the full 37-minute livestream here

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