The Best Steam Games 2023 - Web3 Style
29 Nov 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 5 min read
The Best Steam Games 2023 - Web3 Style

When it comes to the mainstream shift from Web2 to Web3 gaming, it’s likely that such movement will come courtesy of a pre-existing gaming network such as Steam. Further, with the leading digital video game distributor pioneering a host of blockchain gaming titles, now is the time to explore the ‘Best Steam Games 2023 - Web3 Style’.

The Best Steam Games 2023 - Web3 Style


The first game on our list is Shardbound, a multiplayer collectible card game that combines strategy gameplay with a deep storyline.

Per its own words taken from its website:

“Shardbound is an immersive, multiplayer collectible tactics game packed with rich lore, deep strategy, and cutthroat competition. Set in the lush Axis islands floating above the earth’s core, players must craft mind-bending card decks to outwit opponents and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Embark on an epic quest to preserve the bonds of the Lifeweave and uncover the secrets of the Shards”. 

Built on Web3 gaming-centric Ethereum Layer-2 Immutable, the game recently hosted a Shardbound ‘Playtest,’ which involved 1,000 players, 10,000 ‘hours watched,’ and 40,000 pre-registrations. 

Its developer Bazooka Tango Game Studio also recently raised $5 million to revive the once-scrapped NFT title, with contributions being led by Bitkraft Ventures. 

Status: Pre-Registration 

STG Football 

STG Football is a free-to-play (F2P) (American) football game that’s centred around ‘arcadey’ 4v4 multiplayer match-ups.

In a format made popular by the likes of FIFA & Madden ‘Ultimate Team,’ the game also involves a lot of ‘menu’ gameplay, such as the fact that players and inventory items can be acquired through digital ‘packs,’ as well as through trading on the in-game marketplace. 

Here, SuperStar players can manifest as NFTs, which have higher level caps and base stats/skills compared to default players.

The game prides itself on featuring officially licensed content courtesy of the NFL Players Association, and is also available on the Epic Games Store.

Status: Out Now


MagicCraft is a cross-platform, F2P, player-versus-player (PvP), online battle arena (MOBA) game that’s available on PC, iOS & Android. 

Fuelled by its native $MCRT currency - which is built on Binance Smart Chain ($BNB) - this witchcraft and wizardry title centres around its blockchain-enabled P2E mode, which it suitably dubs ‘Slay-to-Earn’.

In furthering the development of the game, MagicCraft recently secured $10 million worth of funding from Global Emerging Markets (GEM), a leading digital asset investment firm.

Status: Out Now

Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension is an AAA role playing game (RPG) that’s set in the aptly titled ‘Fantasy Land’.

With a mediaeval-fantasy theme and immersive animated 3D graphics at its backing, this open-world massively multiplayer online (MMO) title is centred around its array of intense PvP battle scenarios.

Additionally, it’s also the first blockchain-powered and P2E title from its American developer ‘Jam City’.

Status: Pre-Alpha

Elemental Raiders

Elemental Raiders is a F2P, turn-based hero battler that blends collectible card game features with those of multiplayer RPGs. 

Created by illustrious developer ‘Games for a Living’ -  as well as an impressive cohort of industry veterans who’ve worked for the likes of EA, Sega, and Blizzard - the game offers an array of PvP and Player-versus-Environment (PvE) modes, with all of which revolving around its native Games for a Living token, $GFAL (which can be earned via P2E mechanics and used to make in-game purchases). 

NFTs also feature within the game as cosmetic character skins and mint-able skills (that can be traded), to ultimately elicit a true player-owned experience. 

Additionally, such title has also established the most active eSports community out of all of those mentioned on this list. 

Status: Out Now 

Parallel (Windows Only)

Parallel is a Sci-Fi-themed trading card game that combines traditional turn-based gaming dynamics with blockchain technology.

As of now, the game has launched its first expansion card set called ‘Planetfall,’ which is a diverse NFT drop that illustrates the variety and AAA artwork that’s embedded into each blockchain-residing card in the game. 

In turn, players can truly own their assets and other in-game items, which can then be used to build decks within a gamified online PC client that’s currently in development.

Status: Beta 

The Bornless

Last on the list is The Bornless, a F2P, first person shooter (FPS), and action-horror game that’s built in Unreal engine.

The Bornless follows several enigmatic characters as they navigate through dark and treacherous environments… with all of which coming in an attempt to stop the ‘ritual’ that plagues over their world.

In a gaming dynamic that can be described as ‘people vs demons,’ the game is self-described as:

“An FPS action shooter packed with a variety of gameplay modes. Dive into last-man-standing co-op gameplay or try the thrilling demon versus disciple mode, all within a terror-filled world. Players pair up and form teams, conjure demons to aid in combat, and utilize strategic planning and resource management to survive. Whether you choose an aggressive playstyle or prefer a more cautious approach, the choice is yours”. 

Although Web2-native, the game’s developers have stated that it’s “building a separate blockchain experience for those community members who are curious”.

Status: Closed Alpha 

The Best Steam Games 2023 - Web3 Style - Conclusive Thoughts

As the variety in the above list illustrates, it’s evident that the Web3 gaming movement is yet to pinpoint a precise game genre to penetrate…as be it FPS, MMORPG, TGC, or arcade sports titles, Pc2E blockchain gaming is set to offer them all. 

Away from their gaming utilities specifically, such titles may also offer exciting investment opportunities for those tuned-into the blockchain gaming space, as with the next crypto bull run on the horizon, we can expect the corresponding coins of the space’s leading projects to experience significant gains. 

With this in mind - and away from the ‘Best Steam Games 2023 - Web3 Style’ specifically - be sure to check out the best GameFi cryptos currently on the market. 

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