AVAX News: 7 In-Dev Web3 Games From Avalanche
28 Nov 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 6 min read
AVAX News: 7 In-Dev Web3 Games From Avalanche

Avalanche (AVAX) is often touted as one of the best altcoin investments out there, however in this specific instalment of AVAX news, we’ll be looking at how the layer-1 blockchain is taking the Web3 gaming industry by storm. 

In an industry set to reach a $65.7 billion valuation by 2027, Avalanche’s plethora of launched and in-waiting games makes it an unequivocal leader in the Web3 gaming space. To establish such prominence, Ava Labs - an all-encompassing facilitator of the Avalanche blockchain- launched the Avalanche Arcade3 launchpad back in June 2023, which is essentially a collaborative program for traditional game developers to explore blockchain integrations.

Per Ava Labs Head of Gaming Ed Chang, Avalanche Arcad3 doesn’t seek to form ‘exclusive’ or formal commitments with projects, as instead it serves as a mentorship program for supporting developers - many of which being Web2-native - in their transition into Web3 gaming. In turn, the Avalanche Arcade promises to connect Web2 developers with existing eSports organisations, blockchain gaming guilds, and Web3-native game studios building on Avalanche. 

Given the complexities that come with on-chain building, the program also offers strategies regarding regulatory compliance, prize pools, eSports marketing, and NFT/in-game tokens implementation. 

In addition to the games featured in the list below, Avalanche Arcad3 participants include games such as DeFi Kingdoms and Gunz, as well as gaming ecosystems such as Blitz, 2dao3, Republic Crypto, and Avalaunch.

AVAX News: 7 In-Dev Web3 Game From Avalanche 


Fableborn is a real-time strategy game developed by Pinion Games. 

Based in the mystical world of Shatterlands, the game revolves around interactive Player-versus-Player (PvP) base-building, wherein players build, raid, and capture others’ mediaeval fantasy-styled creations and islands. 

In turn, Fableborn is touted as one of the most exciting Free-to-Play (F2P), mobile-first, action role-playing games (ARPG) on the market - a bullish prospect that was bolstered by its $7.8 million funding round which was closed earlier this year (with participation coming from the likes of Blizzard, Shima Capital, and more).  

Current Status: Alpha Sign-Ups Available 


Shrapnel is dubbed as the first blockchain-enabled AAA customisable First Person Shooter (FPS) video game to be owned by players. 

With a focus on user-generated content and ownership through its native SHRAP ($SHRAP) token, Shrapnel comes with a rich set of player-creation tools that combine creation, curation, and connection within a singular player-owned gaming environment.  

As its tagline of ’survive, collect, extract’ infers, the game ultimately revolves around different PvP combat scenarios wherein SHRAP can be earned and further used to upgrade player load-outs and perks etc.  

Although yet to be fully launched, the game is already being touted as Web3’s apex FPS title - with its BAFTA and Emmy award–winning veteran developers NEON helping cultivate such narrative. 

Current Status: Early Access 

Off the Grid

Off Grid is the ‘least Web3-like’ title of the entire list, as it only entails ‘optional’ NFT elements that players can choose to use…however they’re by no means essential to the Off the Grid experience. 

Additionally, the title differs through the fact that it’s poised to be launched on a TBA date on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC - as opposed to just mobile and PC like the majority of Web3 titles. 

Anyhow, Off the Grid is a third person, battle-royale-styled shooter that’s set on the war-stricken Teardrop Island. With cyberpunk themes also seeping into the mix, the game is set to offer crazy 150-player PvP scenarios, as well as 60-hours worth of Player-versus-Environment (PvE) gaming. 

With help from sci-fi director Neill Blomkamp, as well as its developers Oats Studios and Gunzilla Games, the game has already garnered mass interest in wake of its full launch, which has even led to the likes of Dr Disrespect and Clix showing public support for it. 

Current Status: Supposed 2023 launch date


Pulsar is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game that’s combined with real-time strategy elements and NFTs.

In allowing players to mine, build, and fight in real-time battles to become the ruler of Pulsar, players are able to earn its native PLSR ($PLSR) coin throughout leaderboards that are reset each week.

With its Season 2 testnet phase underway, 2701 wallets have reportedly signed-up to the game’s highly-anticipated Season 3 Whitelist. 

Current Status: Testnet Phase 


Defimons is a monster-catching MMO role-playing (MMORPG) metaverse that utilises NFTs for in-game items such as skins, items, apartments, and monsters etc.

The game is developed by indie game developer Mon Studios, who have purposely made it low-barrier-to-entry through being F2P on low-end devices across web browsers, iOS, and Android (whilst also preparing to launch on the Epic Games Store). 

Similar to Off of the Grid, the game offers a hybrid experience wherein players have the freedom to play with or without NFTs and the game’s native MON ($MON) token… and they can also choose to convert their in-game items into NFTs at any point. 

With both Web2 and Web3 experiences boasting the exact same gameplay, the latter is simply there to improve the open economy of the game, which essentially allows players to buy/sell/trade the monsters/items that they catch in the game.

Current Status: Early Access / Beta 


DomiOnline is a 3D, mediaeval fantasy MMORPG that allows players to flourish without bounds (i.e. there’s no level or skill caps). 

Governed by its native DOMI ($DOMI) token, DomiOnline offers a P2E gaming experience that’s underpinned by NFTs, community-focuses, and player-generated content.

With its sell-out December 2021 IDO providing the foundations, the game's future roadmap entails a whole host of exciting in-game and tokenomic developments - all of which will contribute to its eventual ‘Open Alpha’ release. 

Current Status: Beta


The final game on the list is MetaDOS, a battle royale game that’s inspired by Apex Legends and the ‘In-Time’ movie. 

With a native token set to roll-out in the months to come, the game is currently offering its ‘Premium Pass+’ memberships for free, which can see players enjoy 25 level unlocks, 101 exclusive items, 9 Epic NFTs, and a 20% EXP boost. 

Current Status: Open Alpha 

Although many of the aforementioned projects are yet to be fully launched, this latest AVAX news instalment may come of more value once the next crypto bull run commences (i.e. where the Web3 gaming industry and its corresponding tokens pick up momentum). 

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