Best Crypto Investments For September 2023
4 Sep 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 9 min read
Best Crypto Investments For September 2023

Whilst investments in the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum offer the most stability, traders often experience their biggest crypto wins by investing in altcoins with smaller market caps.

In general, smaller market caps indicate greater growth potential, meaning if done correctly, altcoin investors can 2, 10, or even 100x their initial investments. 

However, with a plethora of cryptocurrencies on the market, identifying the optimal investments can be a near-impossible task. 

Further, trusting what projects shill about themselves is an equally hard process, which is why we’ve put together this unbiased list of the most promising crypto projects of September 2023. 

The Best Cryptocurrency Investments in September 2023

Below is our list of the most promising cryptocurrencies for investing in throughout September 2023:

  1. Pikamoon ($PIKA):  A coin for fans of NFT gaming, Pokémon, and making profits. Almost $4 million worth of PIKA has been sold so far, with the coin now in its final presale stage. As was the case with Axie Infinity and its AXS token, expect PIKA to pump once the Pikamoon game is rolled-out to the masses.  

  2. Anarchy ($ANA): An Etheruem-residing memecoin built around its anti-establishment community and mooning potential. Having raised over $3 million in ICO sales so far, the project’s third presale round offers the highest potential for huge ROIs come the next bull run. 

  3. Shiba Inu ($SHIB): The ‘Dogecoin killer’ memecoin based on the same Japanese breed of hunting dog. Per its nickname- as well as its $38+ billion market cap in October 2021- Shiba Inu is widely considered as one of the most exciting altcoin investments out there. 

  4. Toncoin ($TON): The native coin of ‘The Open Network’- a blockchain solution developed by the team behind Telegram. Toncoin is developed with crypto transaction metrics in mind, and will have its value determined by the adoption rates of its promising blockchain. 

The Best Cryptocurrency Investments For September 2023: A Review 

  1. Pikamoon (PIKA) - Invest in the Native Coin of Web3’s Very Own Pokémon 

PIKA is the driving force behind play-to-earn (P2E) role-playing NFT game Pikamoon. 

Set in Dreva- a virtual world that resides in the Pikaverse- Pikmoon allows players to explore, strategise, and engage in combat via their NFT Pikamoon characters. The game is developed with offline modes as its main focus, however online contests such as multiplayer Player v Player (PvP) competitions will also be available.

Each Pikamoon comes with its own unique semblance of characteristics, which, thanks to the joys of the blockchain, can be upgraded by purchasing NFT boosts, health potions, and weapons.

To acquire these upgrades - as well as to initially purchase Pikamoon NFTs - players must visit the Pikamoon Store and use the game’s native $PIKA token for their transactions. 

$PIKA is available at $0.0006 per token, and is currently in its third presale round. Here, 11.5+ billion token sales have been sold thus far, raking in over $3.9 million for the project. Once the game launches and NFT gamers acquire their in-game PIKA tokens, you can expect the coin to pump way beyond its minuscule presale price.  

The total supply of $PIKA is capped at 50 billion, with 0.5% of all tokens spent on the ecosystem to be burnt to help limit its long run supply.

To discover more about this magical metaverse and its all-empowering PIKA token, have a read of the Pikamoon whitepaper.

Purchase Methods: ETH, USDT

Blockchain: Ethereum 

Min/Max Investments: None 

  1. Anarchy (ANA) - A Moon-Destined Memecoin With a DeFi-Focused DAO

Anarchy and its native ANA token offer exactly what we want from a memecoin…

That is, moon potential with a central focus on DeFi essentials and investor-empowering tokenomics.  

Touted to be the successor of memecoin extraordinaires Pepe (PEPE) and Milady (LADYS), Anarchy is currently selling 20.8 billion of its 69.42 billion max supply via its third presale stage, at just $0.00027 per token.

With longevity in mind, 80% of the token’s total supply will be issued for sale, with the remaining 20% being reserved for liquidity and exchange listings. In the future, 0.5% of the tokens will be burnt, with another 4.5% to be used for funding philanthropic proposals put forward by the Anarchy DAO.

Through selling almost 14 billion tokens (at the time of writing), the project has already collected over $3 million to use towards maximising the coin’s value and utility. 

And in addition to offering potential 2 (or even 3) figure multipliers on their investments, Anarchy also empowers its community by frequently running Ethereum-packed giveaways on X

Purchase Methods: Credit Card, ETH, USDT, BNB

Blockchain: Ethereum 

Min/Max Investments: None 

  1. Shiba Inu (SHIB) - The DOGE Killer With Similar Kanine-Inspirations and Billion Dollar Market Cap Accolades

Made by its anonymous creator(s) ‘Ryoshi in August 2020, Shiba Inu (SHIB) burst onto the blockchain with one explicit motivation…‘kill Dogecoin’.

What this meant in practice was to become a fierce competitor of its Shiba-inspired rival, which, in October 2021, it essentially achieved when ‘10xing’ its price to reach a market cap of $38.5 billion. 

With the core ethos of crypto and Web3 in mind, the coin was developed to answer the following question: "What would happen if a cryptocurrency project was 100% run by its community?”.

Further, the project’s Reddit community- a.k.a. the SHIBArmy- now has over 482,000 members, whilst the coin’s 24-hour trade volume consistently remains in the double-digit million range. 

For the meme side of things, the coin embraces everything that the Shiba Inu breed has to offer- with the project’s whitepaper even manifesting as a ‘woof paper’.

SHIB has a circulating supply of 589.33 trillion coins, and a max supply of 999.98 trillion- with these remaining tokens able to be purchased at more than half the price of its October 2021 peak.

Purchase Methods: Credit Card & Crypto (across many crypto exchanges), ETH (on Shibaswap). 

Blockchain: Ethereum 

Min/Max Investments: None 

  1. Toncoin (TON) - A High-Ranking Altcoin That Governs the  Promising ‘Open Network’ Blockchain

Toncoin (TON) is the native token of the highly-touted ‘Open Network’ blockchain. 

Developed by the team behind messaging platform phenomenon Telegram, the ‘Open Network’ is a Layer-1 Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain that’s built around mass adoption, ultra-fast transactions, and low fees. 

In addition, the ‘Open Network’ has also been developed for seamless dApp integrations, whilst also being eco-friendly in all of its on-chain endeavours. 

Its native Toncoin- which can be stored in its namesake crypto wallet, as well as the ‘Atomic Wallet’- intuitively has the same transaction-focused metrics at its core. 

With September now upon us- and after hype for the ‘Open Network' has picked-up even more-  Toncoin’s summer-born momentum is continuing at a rapid pace, as its current price of $1.86 is a 33+% increase from that of early August. 

Purchase Methods: Credit Card & Crypto (across many crypto exchanges)

Blockchain: The Open Network 

Min/Max Investments: None

How to Find the Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy 

Crypto Presales

As demonstrated by the likes of Pikamoon and Anarchy in our list, crypto presales are one of the best ways for getting early access to high-potential coins. 

Crypto presales distribute tokens to early investors on a first-come, first-served basis through events such as ICOs. Further, these allow investors to acquire the coin before it’s listed on publicly available crypto exchanges. 

In the case of coins such as Tamadoge ($TAMA), those who’ve participated in presales have seen their coins 20x once listed on exchanges. Intuitively, this is because presales sell their tokens below their true market rate (in exchange for development funds). 

Market Cap & Liquidity

A coin’s potential can often be identified through its market cap, with multiple hundred-billion dollar projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum demonstrating unwavered strength (and liquidity). Alternatively, memecoin projects with smaller market caps indicate better growth opportunities. 

Development Teams, Community, & Project Roadmaps

Utility is a huge aspect of a crypto project, and this can largely come down to its development team, community, and roadmap. 

A strong development team with a proven track record can indicate a prosperous project, meaning it’s important to research their backgrounds, experiences, and previous contributions to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

Further, projects that also have strong communities and roadmaps - which you can analyse across their social media and website- are more likely to succeed.  

It also goes without saying that doxxed teams are always preferred!

Conclusion - What are the Best Cryptocurrency Investments in September 2023 

All of the coins above have their own merits, as be it gaming utilities, moon potential, or blockchain governance mechanisms, they all offer exciting avenues of investment.

However after careful consideration over each token’s respective ROI and utility offerings, we’ve placed Pikamoon (PIKA) and Anarchy (ANA) as our top picks. 

For PIKA, this coin is tipped to skyrocket once its highly-anticipated NFT game is rolled-out. With an AAA-standard experience drawing-in the masses, the token is set to see a surge in demand…doing wonders for not only its utility, but also its underlying value.

The destiny for ANA follows suit, as through being likened to some of the greatest memecoins to ever grace the blockchain, Anarchy offers the most utility, value prospects, and realistic longevity out of all the projects from the memecoin space. 

Additionally, both projects have already sold billions of tokens, as well as garnered thousands of X followers through organic hype. Such achievements come in the lead up to their respective hard launches, meaning even more value may explode from them in weeks to come. 

The two coins are still on sale throughout September via their discounted ICOs, meaning it’s not too late to invest in these gems. 


Which Crypto Has the Best Future?

By virtue of being mentioned here, we predict that all of our suggested coins have prosperous futures. 

Here, it then depends on your preferences, as whilst investments in the likes of Ethereum may boast the most security, greater gains may be experienced by investing in Anarchy ($ANA), as well as $PIKA (which will soon be governing Pikamoon; ‘the Pokémon of Web3’). 

How Do I Buy Cryptocurrencies?

Buying cryptocurrencies involves several steps, with the following being a general guide:

Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange: Research and select a reputable cryptocurrency exchange that supports and sells the cryptocurrencies you want to buy. Examples include Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken.

Create an Account: Next sign up for an account on your chosen exchange. Here you’ll have to provide the necessary identification and verification documents as required by the exchange.

Deposit Funds: Deposit funds into your exchange account using methods such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards, or other payment options accepted by the exchange.

Buy Cryptocurrency: Once your account is funded, navigate to the trading section of the exchange and choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy. Then enter the amount and place your order. Here you can typically purchase cryptocurrencies using other cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat currency like USD, EUR, etc.

Secure Storage: After purchasing, it's recommended to move your cryptocurrencies from the exchange to a private wallet for enhanced security. However if you wish to benefit from services such as trading and staking, you can do so by using the funds you have stored on exchanges.

As with the likes of PIKA and ANA, crypto can also be purchased through ICOs. Here, investors must connect their crypto wallets/credit cards to the ICO’s page in order to make purchases. 

How Do I Store Cryptocurrencies?

There are two main methods for storing cryptocurrencies using cryptocurrency wallets/addresses

  1. Crypto addresses on exchanges: Most exchanges offer wallets for each cryptocurrency they support, with each being accessible within one interface. Although convenient, storing cryptocurrencies in an exchange wallet makes them susceptible to security breaches or hacking incidents, as well as at risk of being lost if the exchange doesn’t have enough assets in reserve. 

  2. The safer way to hold cryptocurrencies is through the two types of crypto wallets:

  • Hot Wallets: These are online wallets that are accessible through the internet or mobile apps. They are convenient for frequent transactions, and often allow for assets from different blockchains to be stored in one place.   

  • Cold Wallets: These are offline wallets that involve storing your cryptocurrencies physically. Also known as hardware wallets, cold crypto wallet devices such as Ledger and Trezor offer maximum security through securely storing private keys offline. 

It is also advised to store your public and private keys via ‘paper wallets,’ which involves writing them down and placing them in a secretive and safe place. 

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