How To Recover Stolen Cryptocurrency
11 Dec 2023 by Harry Newman 4 min read
How To Recover Stolen Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have become an important part of the digital world, so finding out how to recover stolen cryptocurrency is essential. 

Recovering cryptocurrency is a complex process and a challenge. 

Unlike the traditional banking system where recovery mechanisms are well established, the decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies makes recovery a difficult task.

Understanding Cryptocurrency Theft

Cryptocurrencies, despite their many advantages, are unfortunately prone to theft, which can occur in various forms due to security vulnerabilities. 

Understanding these risks is important to know how to recover stolen cryptocurrency and is crucial for safeguarding your assets. 

Here are some common types of cryptocurrency thefts:

  1. Exchange Hacks: Often, exchanges themselves are targets of hacks and thefts, which can result in substantial losses for users storing their cryptocurrencies on these platforms.

  2. Phishing Scams: These scams trick users, posing as legitimate websites, into divulging sensitive information, such as private keys or wallet passwords. This unauthorised access can lead to the theft of funds.

  3. Wallet Hacks: Wallets can be compromised through malware attacks or by exploiting security flaws, leading to unauthorised access to the user's funds.

  4. Rugs from New Projects: Newer, less-established projects can sometimes be fronts for scams, where developers run off with investors' funds.

It's noteworthy that due to the nature of blockchain technology, recovering stolen cryptocurrency is exceptionally challenging. 

The success of recovery efforts largely depends on the type of theft. 

For example, in some cases of exchange hacks, the perpetrators might return the stolen funds but keep a portion as a 'fee'.

While steps can be taken to track down stolen funds, actual recovery is not always feasible. However, there are individuals and organisations dedicated to assisting users in tracing stolen funds and exposing fraudulent activities in the crypto space. 

These entities use various techniques and tools to track transactions on the blockchain in an effort to recover lost assets and highlight security vulnerabilities.

A list of the biggest cryptocurrency hacks in history can be found here.

How To Recover Stolen Cryptocurrency 

If you fall victim to cryptocurrency theft, it's crucial to act quickly, as timing can significantly influence the outcome. 

Understanding how to recover stolen cryptocurrency and the immediate steps to take is vital.

  • Immediate Actions: As soon as you suspect a hack or theft, immediately change passwords and enable two-factor authentication on all your accounts, if you haven't already. This helps secure your accounts from further unauthorised access.

  • Setting Up a New Wallet: Consider creating a new crypto wallet. This ensures that you have a secure, fresh wallet that is not compromised by any previous vulnerabilities.

  • Recovery Prospects: Unfortunately, recovering stolen cryptocurrency is often difficult. The decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies means that once funds are transferred out of your wallet, reclaiming them is rarely possible.

  • Assistance from Centralised Exchanges: In some cases, centralised exchanges can assist in efforts to recover stolen cryptocurrency, if stolen from their platform. However, this process can be lengthy and doesn't always guarantee the recovery of stolen funds. The success of recovery efforts largely depends on the specifics of the hack.

  • Using Blockchain Transparency: Blockchains are inherently transparent, allowing every transaction to be viewed publicly. This transparency means you can use a blockchain explorer to track the movement of stolen funds. While this may help in understanding the flow of stolen assets, it doesn't necessarily aid in their recovery.

  • Prevention is Key: Preventative measures are essential in the realm of cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional finance, where banks often cover losses due to fraud or theft, cryptocurrency losses are generally not protected. Implementing strong security measures like using hardware wallets for large holdings, avoiding sharing private information, and being wary of phishing attempts are crucial steps.

  • Exchange Safety Nets: Some exchanges have set aside funds to compensate users in the event of a hack or theft. However, accessing these funds typically requires proof of the theft and is subject to the exchange's policies and the specifics of the incident. 

How To Recover Stolen Cryptocurrency - Final Thoughts 

Recovering stolen cryptocurrency presents numerous challenges, emphasising the importance of proactive security measures. 

The main characteristics of blockchain technology contribute significantly to these challenges. 

Once a transaction is confirmed and added to the blockchain, it cannot be altered or reversed. 

This feature, while providing security against fraud and tampering, also means that unauthorised transactions cannot be undone.

While tracing stolen cryptocurrency is feasible due to the transparent nature of blockchains, actually recovering the funds is a complex and often unsuccessful process. 

Therefore, prioritising preventive measures and maintaining high-security standards is the most reliable approach to protecting your cryptocurrency investments.


What should you do if your wallet is hacked?

It is best to change passwords, update any 2FA and create a new wallet.

How to recover stolen cryptocurrency?

It all depends on the type of hack, most of the time it is not possible to recover stolen cryptocurrency, there have been cases of hackers returning stolen funds after they have taken a cut.

How can I protect myself against hackers?

It is best to keep your private keys secure, do not click on any dodgy links or give sensitive information out. Regularly keeping your devices and software updated is also essential. Using a hardware wallet for long-term storage is advised as this is not connected to the internet.


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