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PIKA Crypto Holders to Receive Free Pikamoon NFTs
30 Aug 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 3 min read
PIKA Crypto Holders to Receive Free Pikamoon NFTs

Pikamoon, an upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) NFT game touted as ‘Web3’s answer to Pokémon,’ has recently announced that it will be distributing its in-game NFT characters to those who hold its native $PIKA coin (for free that is). 

In a general sense, the more $PIKA you hold, the more free NFTs you’ll be able to mint… however before we get into that, let’s take a look at what the game has to offer. 

Pikamoon- The Game 

Pikamoon is an exploratory, strategy, and combat-based role-playing game set in the mystical land of Dreva- a virtual world that resides in the Pikaverse.

With Dreva’s vast open-world at their disposal, players enter the game alongside their Pikamoon NFT companions- or alternatively, alongside their PFP NFTs from partner projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

Without giving too much away, the game’s offline narrative centres around players’ all-encompassing battle against the ‘13th God’- a malevolent entity seeking to seize control over Dreva.

With a war on their hands, players will encounter many evil entities while traversing across Dreva- where to maximise their chances of being victorious in each battle, they must assemble the strongest team of Pikamoon companions possible.

In addition to assembling, players can also increase the skills and abilities of their Pikamoons by pitting them up against NPC trainers. Here they’ll receive $PIKA for their hard work, which they can then spend in the in-game Pikamoon marketplace for things like health, weapons, transport, and more. 

Pikamoon gameplay takes shape via two mechanics; ‘explorations’ and ‘battles’- with the former taking place in real-time, and the latter taking place via turn-based dynamics against opposing Pikamoon characters. 

Pikamoon - The NFTs

As already mentioned, Pikamoon NFTs serve as the in-game companions to your PFP avatars. Through their usage in battle, they’ll gain experience, levels, new abilities, and rewards for their player. 

There are 27,018 Pikamoon NFTs in total, each possessing their own unique traits and abilities, and unlocking the ability to participate in P2E activities. 

Pikamoon NFTs come from the six elemental regions of Dreva: Earth, Water, Fire, Electric, Air, and Rock. There are also four tiers of rarity - Common (19,575), Rare (6075), Epic (1350), and Gods (18).

Similar to its Web2 predecessor Pokémon, battles revolve around the circular hierarchy of the elements. For example, Water Pikamoon fare well against Fire Pikamoon, but not so much against Electric Pikamoon.

As veteran gamers may already know, what this suggests is that players should collect a variety of Pikamoon NFTs to ensure that they’re always prepared for what Dreva’s varied landscapes and creatures have to offer. 

Pikamoon NFTs can also be buffed or upgraded by purchasing or finding boosts, health posts, and gear. To acquire these upgrades, players must visit the in-game Pikamoon marketplace and use the game’s native $PIKA token for their transactions, or battle against difficult foes for a chance for the items to drop. 

Free Pikamoon NFTs For PIKA Holders

As recently announced by the project’s doxxed team (a necessity in this day and age), the 18,012 unique Pikamoon NFTs will be distributed to holders of the game’s native $PIKA token. 

Here, players’ $PIKA holdings will determine how many Pikamoon NFTs they’re eligible to mint, with the following table outlining this criteria:

It’s also important to note that the NFTs are to be minted on a first come, first served basis, as well as completely randomly (meaning the more $PIKA you possess, the more NFTs you’ll mint, and therefore the more likely you are to own a ‘Gods’ tier Pikamoon). 

Now you know what’s needed to enter the Pikaverse, it’s time to purchase your $PIKA before Pikamoon’s offline version is launched in Q4 2023 (with online contests such as multiplayer Player-versus-Player (PvP) competitions set to follow). 

 $PIKA is currently available at $0.0006 per token via its third presale round. 11.5+ billion of the allocated 15 billion tokens have been sold thus far, raking in over $3.9 million for the project. 

Per our thoughts on the best altcoins on the market, $PIKA could be set to moon once Pikamoon is released to the masses. 

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