Poppin’ Projects: DORK Memecoin (Inspired by Cobra Tate)
6 Nov 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 3 min read
Poppin’ Projects: DORK Memecoin (Inspired by Cobra Tate)

On this latest edition of Poppin’ Projects, we have another dork-inspired memecoin by way of DORK ($DORK). 

By virtue of being featured in this series, the project has cultivated strong interest across social media and decentralised exchanges (DEXs) since its inception last week, which can largely be attributed to its hilarious ironic worship of Andrew Tate - i.e. a man who frequently uses the term to demean those who aren’t a millionaire, Bugatti owner, or at the mercy of thousands of women.

The Andrew Tate-Inspired DORK - What is it?

First and foremost, DORK is a creation of ‘Sr Peters ETH,’ a self-dubbed “old man trying to have fun building some, by the will of God”. 

Although the project doesn’t possess a Twitter (X) page as of now, Peters - who is also the founder of fellow Web3 projects God Hates NFTs and RAFLDEX - has an impressive 51K+ followers on his personal account.  

When it comes to its meme premise - i.e. the fundamental driving force behind all memecoins - the project doesn’t hold back in its satirist fixation on Tate - where in hindsight, such figure is somewhat of a perfect vehicle for garnering memecoin clout, especially given the fact that the man himself is a complex and self-perpetuating meme.

In addition to his frequent use of the word to describe anyone that doesn’t match his self-defined level of ‘success,’ Tate’s $8000-priced ‘War Room’ membership provides even greater scope for ‘memeablity’. For context here, such online community is described as “a global network in which exemplars of individualism work to free the modern man from socially induced incarceration” - or in other Tate terminology, it’s a way for young men to ‘break the matrix’ (whilst also lining his pockets). 

Instead of opting for such Tate-proposed route for achieving financial freedom, Sr Peters and the reported 4000+ degens who’ve helped build the project suggest that you break-out of the ‘brokies run’ by investing in DORK…

“The degen culture in WEB3 (the same one that Cobra Bait criticizes), has shown that a memeable meme coin has x100 more potential than most of the courses that ‘gurus’ scam you with. So stop being a sheep easily influenced by “teachers” who just want to fill their wallets, and start filling your own, $DORK!” - DORK website. 

Additionally - and in wake of Tate’s passionate 10-minute hate speech on NFTs - Sr Peters has also taken things non-fungible by launching a 555-asset NFT collection called ‘Tate Hates NFTees’.

Whilst we remain impartial when it comes to determining the truth of the sentiments made by the project, what’s certain is its proficiency in harnessing all that the Andrew Tate meme-machine has to offer.,.to ultimately cultivate a parodying message that many level-headed people may agree with. 

Poppin’ Projects: DORK Memecoin

DORK - Tokenomics 

When it comes to DORK’s tokenomics, the project does a proficient job in outlining the structure on its website:

Additionally, the website states that anyone who subscribes to the soon-to-launch DNG University - which pays homage (or perhaps ridicule) to Tate’s infamous ‘Hustlers University’ education program - are set to receive $DORK token airdrops. 

Additionally, those who are subscribed to the Sr Peters-made RAFLDEX platform can earn token DORK raffle rewards. 

With these longevity-focused endeavours in the offering, the project also comes with an extensive roadmap that includes both real and fictitious actions…just take a look for yourself to decide which are which: 

And although only launching last week, DORK’s current price of $0.00011283 is already 10x greater than its initial value. 

DORK - Final Thoughts

Whilst this creative project most-certainly warrants our attention given its A-grade commitment to memeing the internet's biggest troll, we must end this article by quoting the following message which appears on the project’s CoinGecko page:

“According to GoPlus, the contract creator can make changes to the token contract such as disabling sells, changing fees, minting, transferring tokens etc. Exercise caution”. 

As our article on spotting rug pulls explains, many experienced crypto traders may deem such message as a red flag, so please remain cautious and DOYR before investing in DORK (or any other crypto projects for that matter).

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