Poppin’ Projects: Dork Lord (DORKL) Memecoin
31 Oct 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 4 min read
Poppin’ Projects: Dork Lord (DORKL) Memecoin

Dork Lord - A memecoin that’s actually delivering on its community-centric promises.  

As you’ll already know by now, our Poppin’ Project series is here to shine the spotlight on some of the hottest altcoin and memecoin projects on the market…completely unaffiliated and void of any invested interests that is. 

Further, the latest instalment comes by way of Dork Lord ($DORKL), a Matt Furie-created memecoin that’s pushing its community agenda to new limits. 

Before getting into what Dork Lord offers crypto traders, let’s first outline the meme inspiration behind the entire Dork Lord ecosystem…

In taking inspiration from OG amphibian meme and memecoin extravaganza Pepe the Frog, Dork Lord is a fellow cartoon frog that sports a slightly more wrinkled and weathered aesthetic. 


In adding to the juxtaposition presumption that this harmless meme-worthy frog is somehow malignant in nature, the Dork Lord does what all evil overlords do…which is religiously sport a black cloak whilst brandishing a mischievous - albeit iconic - amphibian smile. 

Dork Lord (DORKL) Tokenomics

Now onto the inescapable technicalities of the Dork Lord memecoin…

For starters, the project has a total supply of 1 billion, with 97% of such already being allocated to its liquidity pool. Additionally, its founders have renounced ownership over the project’s smart contract, burned other liquidity pool tokens, and imposed a ‘no bullshit’ 0% tax rate. As intuition suggests, these measures have been implemented in order to provide maximal fairness and transparency to onlooking investors. 

Per its website, the DORKL smart contract has also been audited by third-party auditor Solid Proof - which has reportedly confirmed the renouncement of smart contact ownership, as well as the fact that ‘no crucial errors’ have been found in the DORKL smart contract, DORKL tokens are unable to be burnt, and that contract owners cannot mint new tokens, blacklist addresses, set high fees, or lock funds.  

If these safety metrics - as well as the following website and community features - are enough to satisfy your invest-o-metre, DORKL can be purchased on its native website, or alternatively, across various centralised crypto exchanges (CEXs) - as well as DEXs Uniswap and 1inch. 

In the future, the token will also be purchasable on-site using fiat/credit cards. 

Per CoinGecko, $DORKL is currently trading for around $0.00242.

Dork Lord - Website & Community 

As many degen crypto traders will already know, memecoin projects often pride themselves on their unilateral focus on community engagement and growth.

Further, despite such promises often falling flat after a few weeks, Dork Lord has been on an unparalleled social rampage since its inception at the beginning of September - which is indicative of the fact that our Head of Content Timo Busch only stumbled across the project earlier this week. 

Anyhow, when visiting the project’s website, its attention to community and meme culture is evident from the off thanks to the following bot-resistant pop-up you’re faced with. 

Once in, you can then access the website’s plethora of features and tabs - all of which go way beyond what you’d expect from a relatively nascent memecoin. Although we suggest you take a visit for yourself, this includes an extensive suite of tools and resources for monitoring the project’s performance and progress, as well as engaging with fellow investors. 

On deeper inspection into some of these features, the ‘Memes’ section is a place for community members (a.k.a. the #DORKLORDARMY) to browse countless Dork Lord memes, whilst those wanting to see the potential of their DORKL investments can do so via the ‘Moonchart’. 

Additionally, ‘DORKL Farms’ features a list of the top holders, whilst ‘Cloak Me!’ allows community members to see how they’d look with the Dork Lord’s cartoon-cloak aesthetic. 

As its name suggests, ‘$DORKL Lottery’ involves community members submitting tokens into a lottery prize pool (half of which are then burnt). At the end of each week, such prize pool is then distributed amongst three lucky winners. 

Another reason to take a trip to the website yourself is the song that you’re met with on arrival. Courtesy of ‘Kalvin Love’ and Meech - who is a producer for Web3 and Hip Hop royalty Snoop Dogg - website browsers can enjoy a bespoke Dork Lord tune. In fact, Web3 figure Spank - a.k.a Cordé Broadus… a.k.a Snoop’s eldest son - is also said to have affiliation with the project. 

Away from its official website, the #DORKLORDARMY is also active across social media platforms such as X, YouTube, Reddit, and Telegram

Dork Lord- Final Thoughts 

On overview, the Dork Lord website’s myriad of novel community-focused endeavours suggest that DORKL could be memecoin with longevity (i.e. a relatively rare characteristic, especially amid the ongoing bear market).

That being said, we advise that you never completely take our word for it, and that you should always do your own research before making any investment decisions. 

By coincidence, our coverage of this impish memecoin also falls in and around the time of Halloween… therefore meaning if you wish to show you bullishness for the project beyond an actual investment, you could perhaps take inspiration from the Dork Lord for your outfit idea. 

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