The Potential of Crypto in the Tourism and Travel Industry
23 Nov 2023 by Harry Newman 3 min read
The Potential of Crypto in the Tourism and Travel Industry

The integration of cryptocurrencies into various sectors is a topic of growing interest, the travel and tourism industry is no exception.

Gradually as mass adoption is reached, cryptocurrencies will be used in everyday purchases, due to the low barrier of entry for cryptocurrencies more and more people can make use of the benefits they offer.

Crypto In the Tourism and Travel Industry

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology help facilitate seamless cross-border payments, bypassing the complexities of currency exchange rates and fees. 

The whole transaction process with cryptocurrencies benefits international travel, the lack of exchange rates and fees from different fiat currencies is no longer an issue.

Having proof of the transaction on the blockchain helps reduce the risk of fraud and mitigate other issues in travel bookings and payments.

The process is more streamlined as a result, reducing overhead costs and increasing efficiency.

However, concerns about price stability and regulatory compliance are ongoing issues within crypto. 

The widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies by both consumers and service providers is crucial. Being integrated into travel services and used by tourists in foreign countries is a necessary step that affords benefits to all participants. 

Crypto In Tourism 

The integration of cryptocurrencies into our everyday lives is slowly taking shape, affecting tourism.

Bitcoin is of course at the forefront of this. 

Layer 2 scaling solutions, such as the Lightning Network, help Bitcoin become more widely used and accessible.

Countries such as El Salvador have adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender, with the integration of the lightning network, this allows users and tourists to pay for goods and services with ease, all by scanning a QR code from the merchant. 

This integration gives users and tourists a way to navigate past currency exchange rates with high fees, greatly increasing protection from fraud, and unauthorised transactions, creating a more user-friendly way to pay for goods and services.

Payments are easier to track and verify with blockchain technology, reducing the risk of fraud and other financial crimes. The merchant also benefits as they get to keep all of the funds as they are sent directly to a crypto wallet.

Crypto In the Travel Industry 

Bitcoin’s popularity means it is increasingly accepted by various travel agencies and merchants. It is seen as the standard for introducing cryptocurrencies in the travel industry.

An example of crypto in the travel industry is Travala.

Travala is a crypto-friendly hotel booking service that has partnered with other travel agencies such as Expedia. 

Travala accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as their native token AVA as payment methods.

This demonstrates the gradual acceptance of cryptocurrencies. 

The safe and secure nature of blockchain technology facilitates transparency when conducting transactions.

MiL.K or MLK is a platform that connects various service companies in the travel, leisure and lifestyle sectors by enabling integration and trade of users' reward points using MLK coin as the intermediary currency.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are far more than just online payments.

The travel sector relies heavily on identification services, and blockchains have the potential to become the industry standard, offering a more safe and secure way to store data.

(Other travel booking services that allow cryptocurrencies include CheapAir and Destinia

Final Thoughts 

The potential crypto brings to the tourism and travel industry is endless.

The ability to streamline payments, enhance security and offer innovative loyalty solutions based on blockchain technology opens up a multitude of opportunities.

The future of cryptocurrencies in travel and tourism is not without its challenges, concerns about price stability and regulator uncertainties pose significant hurdles.

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