What is a Testnet
10 Nov 2023 by Harry Newman 2 min read
What is a Testnet

A Testnet is a blockchain network that runs parallel to another blockchain network. 

A Testnet is designed specifically for developers, users and blockchain projects to test and experiment with new features, upgrades and decentralized applications without using the mainnet blockchain or real cryptocurrencies. 

What is a Testnet

A Testnet serves as a sandbox environment where any wrong code or issues can be assessed and refined, whilst avoiding any problems with the main blockchain. 

Testnets are of vital importance to a blockchain ecosystem.

Adding new features and tools to a live blockchain comes with a load of risks, so it’s best to aggressively test these features under a plethora of scenarios first. Worst-case scenarios include vulnerabilities being exploited resulting in users losing money.

Users are invited alongside developers to try out the Testnet blockchain to get any feedback about the applications.

Members are allowed to vote if these changes are to be implemented or not. Once the features have been approved and trialled they are introduced to the mainnet. 

Testnets allow developers to simulate and experiment with cryptocurrencies, trying new things without having to worry about any consequences.

Testnets are important as they serve a critical role in risk mitigation, allowing developers to experiment and search for any vulnerabilities in a collaborative approach to bolster security and trust in blockchain projects.

How Does A Testnet Work

Crypto Testnets run in parallel to the mainnet, the mainnet is the primary blockchain.

Testnets mirror the features and structure of the mainnet, enabling developers to create a safe and controlled space for testing.

Testnets work with Testnet coins or tokens, which are usually given away for free for participating in blockchain development projects, once received, these can be used to test out wallets, make transactions and interact with decentralized applications on the Testnet blockchain. 

These Testnet coins have no real-world value, developers can generate test tokens as needed.

Testnets are periodically reset to a predefined state to allow for a clean slate for testing. Ensuring past transactions, data and smart contracts do not affect new testing. 

Communities often get involved with using the Testnet, participants provide valuable feedback and help identify any potential bugs or vulnerabilities within new features.

Final Thoughts 

Every blockchain uses a Testnet, Testnets are an essential part of a blockchain ecosystem. 

Developers and users experiment and test new features and applications before they are released to the mainnet.

The applications and features need to be properly tested, otherwise, they could have bugs or vulnerabilities leading to hacks that will cause users to lose their cryptocurrency.

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