6 Underrated Tools For Maximising Crypto Gains
17 Oct 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 6 min read
6 Underrated Tools For Maximising Crypto Gains

Crypto trading can be hard…especially whilst bearing the brunt of a seemingly never-ending bear market. 

That being said, opportunities to rake-in profits from crypto investments - be it altcoinsmemecoins, or GameFi tokens etc. - are still in abundance for the slickest traders in the game, which is why we’ve devised a list of the 6 most underrated tools for maximising crypto gains. 

In adopting our following suggestions, you’ll give yourself an edge over fellow traders - as well as your past self - through being able to tap-into a plethora of intel that you previously unbeknownst to.

Crypto Presale

The first is obvious…it’s us.

When it comes to any form of trading, having an understanding and awareness of what’s going on in the space - i.e. the forces that are simply out of your control - is vital…

That’s why it’s pivotal that you have a reliable alpha source at your disposal. 

With the array of market newseducational content, and other miscellaneous (albeit value-laden) content across our site and social media platforms, Crypto Presale can essentially serve as your daily newspaper with regards to the world of crypto…

So simply visit our various platforms, digest what’s going on, and use your new-found understanding to make more-informed decisions and/or explore new areas of exciting DeFi developments. 


When it comes to the nitty-gritty alpha insights, the crypto industry at large has adopted encryption-leader Telegram as the standard platform of communication. 

As we’ve pointed out in many of our Popping Projects episodes, Telegram is the optimal place for community members to connect with one another, as well as interact with the actual founders of projects. 

In addition to our own Crypto Presale server, we recommend joining the following crypto Telegram groups in order to maximise you crypto trading knowledge:

Whale Alert 

As its name suggests, Whale Alert tracks and reports on large crypto transactions made by those with enough DeFi capital to (literally) move the markets (i.e. crypto Whales). 

Here, large transactions into CEXs are generally seen as bearish for an in-question token (as it’s likely that they’ll be sold), and vice versa. 

ICO Analytics

Again, as its name suggests, ICO Analytics reports on news from the more-nascent areas of crypto ongoings. This means that it provides alpha insight into things such as VC funding rounds, ICOs, and any other events regarding relatively unestablished projects. 

As intuition would suggest, ICO Analytics is a great tool for getting ahead of the competition and aping-in on moon-bound projects before the masses do. 

Crypto Scanner

This final recommended Telegram group is essentially a bot that detects abnormal price actions across crypto markets…be it pumps and dumps or bullish/bearish divergences. 

Such group is predominantly designed for those of who dabble in technical analysis, however paired with our other recommendations, it rounds-off a holistic toolkit with regards to receiving real-time updates from across the cryptosphere. 

When it comes to other advice for when navigating across crypto Telegram, the number of people in a respective group can often indicate how big and engaged a project’s community is. 

That being said, scams and shitcoin shillings can also be rife across crypto Telegram chats, so always be wary of the people and groups you’re interacting with!

Vested Tokens

Platforms such as Token Unlocks offer crypto traders the opportunity to browse projects that have their tokens vested. 

For those who aren’t aware, token vesting is a predetermined period wherein tokens are restricted from being sold. As intuition suggests, vested tokens can enhance the transparency, legitimacy, and trust within a project by way of them being impossible to be ‘dumped’. 

Through being able to track vested tokens and unlock schedules (i.e. when vesting periods end), platforms such as Token Unlocks are of-value to those holding vested tokens,  as well as those wanting to ape-in on projects that offer such safeguarding mechanisms. 

Additionally, having knowledge of vesting schedules is vital for those not wanting to be ‘exit liquidity,’ as it’s logical to assume that some tokens will be dumped once their vesting periods have ended. 


TradeGPT is an AI-powered crypto education resource that provides real-time market analysis. 

It’s created by crypto exchange ByBit, therefore meaning that it leverages the platform’s plethora of market analytics tools and data sets to render ultra-current consensuses on crypto matters (which is a stark enhancement on ChatGPT which has only been educated up until September 2021).  

In practice, this means that TradeGPT can provide data-driven answers to any crypto-related question you feed it, essentially meaning that it can serve as a 24/7 trading assistant to you….

That being said, there’s a limit of 20 queries per day, and you must have a ByBit account in order to access it. 

Keeping an Eye on the Federal Reserve 

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) essentially controls the money supply in the US through the ‘federal fund rates’ it sets. 

Although used for monetary policy matters (i.e. inflation control and economic stimulation through interest rate alterations), the influence of ‘federal fund rates’ most certainly spills over into the crypto sector through its general impact on liquidity in the economy. 

Here, you can use resources such as CME FedWatch to keep updated on what the Fed’s saying in its eight annual Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings. 

Of course, the utility here is that you can access insight into the Fed’s interest rate plans moving forwards, therefore meaning that you can stay one step ahead of the game by predicting how much liquidity will be in the market during future timestamps. 

When it comes to how insights are rendered on CME FedWatch, they’re based on the pricing of interest rate futures (i.e. society’s best guess on what the Fed may be up to). 

Project Activity Trackers 

Whilst Telegram groups allow you to see what a project is doing on the surface, platforms such as CryptoMiso allow you to see how much actual development is going on.

To do so, it reports on the activity records of projects on Github - i.e. the platform in which many developers use in order to store code and collaborate with one another. 

As a general rule, projects engaging in a lot of activity demonstrate commitment to development and improvement, whilst those with little to show for may in-fact be pump and dumps. 

To see these projects for yourself, CryptoMiso provides an easy-to-digest ranking of the most-active crypto project developers around. 

Another indicator of a vibrant community is the amount of fees a respective blockchain is issuing… an area of analytics that platforms such as Crypto Fees caters to. 

Here, a large volume of fees generally indicates a more active (and therefore bullish) ecosystem - which then emits more inferences about the long-term utility and vision it possesses. 

However, it’s important to note that both activity and fee tracking analytics require a lot of intuition and nuanced perspectives in order to be understood and leveraged properly. 

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