ChatGPT Memecoin AstroPepeX Garners $12.9M Trades in First 24 Hours
21 Sep 2023 by rory Kejzerko 4 min read
ChatGPT Memecoin AstroPepeX Garners $12.9M Trades in First 24 Hours

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay… including within the world of crypto. Thankfully however,  masterminds in the space are already beginning to harness the tech more and more each day, where most recently, a pseudo-anonymous Ethereum developer has combined his coding prowess with the powers of ChatGPT to create the industry’s next AI-powered memecoin phenomenon- AstroPepeX. 

In this article we’ll take you through AstroPepeX’s story thus far (albeit being rather brief, however eventful nonetheless). 

AstroPepeX- The AI-Powered Memecoin Extraordinaire

AstroPepeX’s pseudo-anonymous creator goes by the name of CroissantEth on Twitter (X).

Its premise is built off a development tool that Croissant put together, which combines a smart contract coding script with a ChatGPT API. The ultimate result here is the automatic deployment of new ERC-20 tokens, along with their names, abbreviations, and tokenomics etc.  

The scripts in question are from Open Zeppelin, an open-source smart contract building framework that contains libraries of contracts written in Solidity (a.k.a. Ethereum’s (ETH) programming language). 

Croissant also designed the tool so that ChatGPT-generated contract ownership is immediately revoked, and that all token supplies are added to Uniswap liquidity pools upon creation, as well as extra liquidity (2 ETH in this instance).

"What I did was introduce GPT to the standard ERC20 contract for simplicity, as I felt that was safe for a first attempt at this. Someone could just as well introduce some sort of special configuration with their own solidity code to make it mintable, introduce a tax rate, or even governance parameters.”- CroissantEth on Twitter (X).

After the AI-powered tool did its thing and generated several token ideas and concepts, it was up to Croissant’s human mind to decide which would go to market… with AstroPepeX (APX) coming out on top.  

As you may have guessed, such name didn’t just arise randomly, as instead it was suggested by ChatGPT after it sought inspiration from the top 10,000 most-traded tokens on Uniswap (which it then cross-referenced with data from other crypto analytics platforms such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap).

Intuitively, the AstroPepeX name was coined thanks to the booming success of the Pepe the Frog (PEPE) memecoin, as well as its many derivative projects that also seek inspiration from the cartoon amphibian meme lord. Here, we can also assume that crypto’s ‘to the moon’ tagline also played a part.

On the creative artwork side of things, ChatGPT had created a description for the coin, which Croissant then fed to its counterpart text-to-image platform DALL-E (another brainchild of OpenAI). Here, the coin’s space-bound, frog astronaut imagery was made. 

After their marketing efforts on X, the coin then launched on Uniswap on Wednesday 20th September. Further, its first 24 hours of activity saw it garner a whopping $12.9+ million in trade volume.

As for its tokenomics, APX has a total supply of 65 billion, and has a required ‘condition that limits transfers >0.5% of the supply’. At the time of writing, the coin sits at a price of $0.00005944, with a fully dilated valuation of around $3.862 million. 

The Successor of TURBO- The Inaugural AI Memecoin Mooner

As those dialled into the (rather niche) AI memecoin space may know, AstroPepeX comes in wake of TURBO (TURBO). 

TURBO was essentially the first ChatGPT-powered memecoin to make serious moves across the crypto space, after it surpassed a market cap of over $80 million in the days after its launch in May.

In fact, Croissant has publicly shared their admiration for the innovative project, stating that it was the inspiration behind their decision to build an AI-infused crypto token tool:

"I read the turbo thread and saw how he did the process manually, and as a natural developer, I started looking into how to do this process automatically…GPT actually wrote the contract code for us, based on the erc20 contract standards we provided for it in the script… Turbo did everything manually without feeding any data and training it to be any more knowledgeable on crypto."

In continuing the momentum they’ve built from AstroPepeX, Croissant is now looking to publish a user interface for his code to allow non-technical crypto enthusiasts to launch their own ERC-20 tokens using ChatGPT. 

That being said, Croissant has stated that savvy community developers have already begun building various derivative projects using his tool. 

The novelties of both AstroPepeX and TURBO boast an array of exciting opportunities for crypto communities and developers alike (which is why we’ve decided to covered them), however it’s important to note that Crypto Presale isn’t associated with either project, and that we advise you to do your own research when making investment decisions. 

This notice is especially important when it comes to AstroPepeX, as given its relatively nascent nature, many fraudsters have begun using the project’s hype as a way to entice people to click malicious links. 

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