Come Speak With Crypto Presale at Bitcoin Amsterdam
12 Oct 2023 by Rory Kejzerko 1 min read
Come Speak With Crypto Presale at Bitcoin Amsterdam

The highly anticipated Bitcoin Conference in Amsterdam is now upon us, and as previously reported, Crypto Presale’s Head of Content Timo Busch is there conducting interviews and impromptu talks with speakers and attendees. 

As we speak, Timo is embarking on a mission that’ll see him talk to anyone and everyone at the event, with the core objective being to dig deep into understanding what the Bitcoin community is up to. 

To do so, he’ll be speaking with pioneers of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, those at the cutting-edge of blockchain technology, and the all-important community members driving the entire crypto machine. 

Overall, Timo’s primary purpose at the event is to maximise idea exchanges and extract as much value for our global audience to enjoy. With this in mind, Crypto Presale is there to extend the event’s tagline ‘Where Europe Meets Bitcoin’ to include the entire world. This will be done through live updates of the event courtesy of Timo himself, as well as a whole host of wacky and informative interviews that’ll be uploaded across our socials. 

And as for the event itself, the Westergas location has hosted an array of unmissable talks so far, including from the likes of Edward Snowdon and crypto author Jimmy Song. Of course, you can expect more of these as the event continues into its second day tomorrow, as well as several other interactive displays and activations. 

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