What is Baby Doge Coin? Everything You Need to Know
27 Aug 2023 by Crypto Presale 4 min read
What is Baby Doge Coin? Everything You Need to Know

The meme coin sector took a turn for the better in 2021 when Dogecoin and Shiba Inu broke through the ranks on the crypto charts. This led to a surge in meme coin launches, and Baby Doge Coin was one of those coins launching with a lot of ambition and promise. 

Here are some insights into the Baby Doge Coin project and what it entails. 

Baby Doge Coin: How It Started

BabyDoge Coin launched in June 2021, and popular opinion was that the token launched hoping to gain Elon Musk's support like Dogecoin did earlier in the year. However, Dogecoin was already dominating the buzz, and Shiba Inu was rising through the ranks rather swiftly. Consequently, BabyDoge Coin's launch was relatively quiet amid such 'noise' in the cryptocurrency market. 

However, the token maintained its resilience in the cryptocurrency market. Already, its token supply was too vast (about 420 quadrillion tokens) and the developers set about burning 125 quadrillion of it into dormant wallet addresses. Even after that massive burn, the Baby Doge Coin still actively burns tokens to reduce the available coins and increase its individual token price. 

Most meme coins launch to support online projects or gather social media followers, but BabyDoge Coin is more than that. The token is concerned about saving animals from the streets, especially dogs, and gathering support for them at animal shelters so that they can get homes for adoption.

The token exists on the Binance Smart Chain, the blockchain in the Binance ecosystem, where it leverages the high scalability of the blockchain to deliver speedy transactions at low gas fees. The Baby Doge Coin project also uses smart contracts on Binance to improve its efficiency and blockchain performance.

The Baby Doge Coin Ecosystem

Many speculate that Baby Doge Coin took inspiration from Dogecoin, even adopting the dog logo as its own. Well, it is doing far more than copying the original Dogecoin, its project is featuring more use cases by the day and not relying on social media movement to trend.

The latest innovation from Baby Doge Coin is the crypto prepaid card, where users can load their digital assets and spend them like fiat currency. This makes it easier for users to maneuver than the conventional crypto wallets some traders still experience issues with. The prepaid card initiative is also proactive, as shopping platforms like Shopify and Magneto will soon start accepting crypto as payment for goods. 

In line with its objectives stated in the whitepaper, Baby Doge Coin has launched a number of Army NFTs in 2D and 3D format. Maybe NFTs are no longer the rave, but Baby Doge Coin's NFTs will serve multiple use cases.

The 'doge' NFTs are designed to support Baby Doge Coin's campaign for the welfare and safety of dogs worldwide. Every time you buy an NFT, you're contributing to their partners at ASPCA, Best Friends Organization, and North Shore Animal League, who are working for animal protection globally. 

The ‘Army’ NFTs on BabyDoge Coin serve other uses, as they act as a sort of clearance on the platform. When you hold an Army NFT, you have a voting right in the BabyDoge forum. The community gathers once a month to discuss marketing strategies and the next utilities for the BabyDoge platform. 

Baby Doge Coin also hosts a decentralized exchange platform where users can swap their tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Swap fees can be as low as 0.09% of the exchanged tokens' value, and with the speed of the Binance Smart Chain, BabyDogeSwap is one of the most efficient exchanges in the Binance ecosystem. For those interested in holding their BabyDoge tokens, there is a yield/farming project where you can use your idle funds to provide liquidity for BabyDoge operations and earn rewards. 

The developers on Baby Doge Coin recently launched a Multi Chain Locker that allows users to swap their tokens from one chain to the other without leaving the BabyDoge platform. There is also a token locker where users can lock their crypto assets for future withdrawals.

For a meme coin, BabyDoge features way more utility than the trend suggests. This is mainly because supplying real-life use cases for its users is at the center of its protocol, along with charity and its community. In truth, the BabyDoge platform would be nowhere without its community. Here's an overview of the BabyDoge Coin community and the partners it is affiliated with.

The Baby Doge Community 

It is fast becoming a trend in the cryptocurrency market for tokens and projects to launch communities that ensure the growth and longevity of the project. The result is a high-performing token, especially when the community is active and devoted to the project's success.

Baby Doge Coin's community comprises anyone who holds BabyDoge tokens or Army NFTs as stated above. These people are eligible to vote at the Forum, which is a gathering of BabyDoge Coin's stakeholders to decide the next steps for the platform. They propose and approve proposals for utilities and DApps on the platform.

Should You Buy BabyDoge?

The Baby Doge Coin is unlike many other meme coins, with its protocol centered on providing utility, financing charities all over the world, and catering to its devout community. The token had a tough run at the beginning of its campaign, but it seems to be turning the tide, thanks to innovation from its users and developers. Baby Doge Coin might be the coin to watch for the future.

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