What is Learn and Earn
17 Nov 2023 by Harry Newman 3 min read
What is Learn and Earn

What is Learn and Earn? Education and crypto have aligned in a revolutionary approach that allows individuals to acquire knowledge about cryptocurrencies whilst simultaneously earning that cryptocurrency. 

Many platforms and exchanges offer ways for newcomers to start their journey on the crypto ladder.

What is Learn and Earn

Learn and earn refers to programs or platforms where users gain cryptocurrency rewards by participating in educational activities.

These learn-and-earn activities include watching educational videos, completing quizzes, engaging in interactive lessons or reading content under a time lock, usually a few minutes.

The objective is to incentivize learning about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and other related topics.

Content providers create educational materials, cryptocurrency projects sponsor these programs and users benefit from the content enhancing their knowledge whilst earning crypto as a reward.

The primary objective of Learn and Earn is to promote crypto education, onboard new users into the crypto ecosystem and create a more informed and knowledgeable community. 

Learn and earn contributes to community education, as users engage with educational content, it fosters a community that understands the project they are involved in.

Learn and earn helps projects to grow by attracting a continuous stream of new users, and increasing community engagement.

How Learn and Earn Works

Typically Learn and Earn is set up by cryptocurrency projects or exchanges as a way to further educate users.

Educational content is the cornerstone of learn and earn, taking different forms and covering a range of topics from basic blockchain concepts, information about a cryptocurrency to more advanced lessons on trading cryptocurrencies.

Users engage with the educational content, and upon completion of this content the user receives a reward, there is no reward if the content is not completed. 

The rewards for completing the learn and earn content are not massive, but it is still an effective way to earn free cryptocurrency. 

Many different exchanges and websites offer learn and earn, a few notable ones are mentioned below:

Binance Academy offers users a way to earn cryptocurrencies by taking part in quizzes, lessons and other activities to earn free cryptocurrency.

Brave Browser offers rewards in BAT just for browsing online, Brave educates users about the BAT token and how they can earn more.

Brave has its native crypto wallet built into the browser offering users a way to store the cryptocurrency they have earned whilst browsing.  

Coinmarketcap offers a low-risk way to earn cryptocurrency by taking lessons and testing your knowledge. Coinmarketcap has partnered with trusted incumbents and emerging projects to offer an easy way to learn about crypto.

Coinbase used to offer a learn-and-earn service to UK users. Unfortunately this has since changed due to regulation.


Final Thoughts

Learn and earn is a powerful tool that allows new users to learn about cryptocurrencies and earn a small amount for free.

Learn and earn creates a win-win for users, projects and the broader community.

Learn and earn is an important tool to help onboard new users and has a pivotal role in shaping a more informed and engaged user base.


What is learn and earn?

Learn and earn refers to programs or platforms where users gain cryptocurrency rewards by participating in educational activities.

How does learn and earn work?

Users engage with educational content by either watching videos or completing quizzes, and the completion of this content will result in a reward, there will be no reward if the content is not completed. 

Who can take part in learn and earn?

Anyone can take part in learn and earn, it is a good way for newcomers to earn free crypto and educate themselves at the same time.

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